His Eminence Bishop Irenaeus of Novi Sad and all Bačka, spokesman for the Orthodox Patriarchate of Belgrade: The position of the Orthodox Church of Serbia in relation to the Ukrainian schism

Orthodox Patriarchate of Belgrade issued a statement regarding the actions of the Church of Greece: „The schism was not started by the Russian Orthodox Church, but only by the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and for it’s eventual deepening and prolonging, responsibility will be carried by the Orthodox Church of Greece, which, after some resistance, has given in and has acted according to the instructions of Phanar, Washington and God knows who else.

It is still not too late: archbishop Jeronime of Athens still has maneuvering space to stop and not to add to even greater and more severe schism in the Orthodox Church. Never, and not even now, is not redundant to remind ourselves and others about the words of the holy fathers who teach that the sin of schism cannot be washed away even by the blood of martyr.

If Archbishop Jeronime does not wake up at this last hour, he will bear responsibility before God, Church and history together with the Patriarch Bartholomew, who, unfortunately, forgets that he is firstly the bishop of Constantinople, today Istanbul, and that title „Ecumenical Patriarch” actually refers to being the first bishop of the Byzantine „Ecumene (Universe)”, which was part of the official ideology of the Roman or Eastern-Roman Empire, this does not mean that he is the bishop of the whole Ecumene (Universe), meaning planet Earth, as they are trying to present it in this new, modernistic – we will be frank – heterodox church-political ideology of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Phanar, or however People wish to call it. The position of the Serbian Orthodox Church has been formulated by the Council of Bishops, it remains unchanged: unrepented Ukrainian schismatics – we do not recognize as members of the Church, even less as the canonical autocephalous Orthodox Church. ”

His Eminence Bishop Irenaeus of Novi Sad and all Bačka, spokesman for the Orthodox Patriarchate of Belgrade.

The source of the article: Orthodox Church

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