Our address today to the Interserver Company


I was in the past and I am still very satisfied with the collaboration and the services offered by the Interserver Company.

I would like to inform you that the last receipt of $ 47 / 2020, for the Culturaduhului.art Domain, will be difficult for me to pay in the future. In the past I paid $ 15 / year for the Domanian and Registration, conditions that match my work as a monk and theologian, which I post for free, without ads or product advertisements, for the spiritual disciples, believers of the Orthodox Christian Church.

Please inform me about the solutions for further and the time left.

I wish you a good day
With thanks and gratitude,
Hieromonk. Nectarie (R.) Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene, Romania.

hierom. Nectarius
  • hierom. Nectarius

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